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The Tiny Mailbox Project

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100 Tiny Mailboxes hidden through LA with kind notes to strangers. It all started with a simple idea. What became was far beyond what I expected.

I've always been obsessed with the idea of playing with creating art that have a positive impact in peoples everyday lives. A couple years ago I had a silly idea to leave small mailboxes all over LA with letters for strangers to find. Cut to this year and 100 mailboxes later and the project was born. 

For every mailbox we left, we also included an envelope with instructions and blank notes so people could leave a new stranger a kind note. It was always exciting to watch a mailbox move around the city and see where it would end up.

Currently the last five mailboxes have been sent out to 5 random people in the states to post in their favorite spot. But who knows what the project might turn into down the road...